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Methadone VS Suboxone Treatment

Opiate Addiction Treatment in Solana Beach, California

While both Suboxone and Methadone are used for the treatment of opiate  addiction, a dramatic improvement in the response that patients have to Suboxone over Methadone has been documented. The most important and fundamental difference between the two medications is that Methadone is an opioid analgesic where Suboxone is only a partial opioid analgesic. The difference between the two schedule narcotics is that partial opioid analgesics cannot be abused by taking higher doses of the medication. With Methadone and all opioid analgesics, the drug can be abused by elevating the dose and, thus, intensifying the effects of the drug. Partial analgesics like Suboxone, however, have been designed to stop having an effect once a certain amount of the medication has been administered. This difference has made it much easier for patients to honor their goals outlined in treatment. As a result, patients find Suboxone to be a better option of opiate addiction treatment.


Another difference found with Suboxone treatment is the absence of addictive qualities that are present in Methadone. Suboxone was designed to provide relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms without having to use opioids to ease the patient's discomfort. Both patients and doctors agree that once the addictive quality found in all opioids is absent from the medication, treatment becomes much easier and is, therefore, much more effective.


Suboxone is also easier to tapper off of in comparison to Methadone. Methadone was designed to be long lasting and as a result, methadone withdrawal symptoms can be very overwhelming and can last even longer than withdrawal symptoms caused by other opioids. Suboxone was designed to avoid this problem. Because Suboxone is a partial opioid analgesic, the patient is not administering the same potency of opioids into his/her system throughout the treatment process. Therefore, it is easier to ease off of the treatment because the patient's dependency to opioids is not as severe.


In addition to the benefits of Suboxone that I have explained above, Suboxone treatment is also cheaper than the Methadone clinic. Suboxone treatment is much more convenient as well because patients are not required to receive their medication by going to a clinic on a daily bases.

Posted on 01/05/2011 at 02:10AM

Last Updated 08/03/2012 at 11:23PM

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