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Travel Medications


Traveling out of the country?

Below I have provided a series of questions that will help you plan ahead in order to take the proper health precautions before you depart on your trip. I have also included links to sources that provide detailed information regarding health concerns that may exist at destinations and their proximate regions that you intend to visit.


Traveler's health check list

Have you scheduled a visit to your doctor or a travel medicine provider?

To maximize the effectiveness of consulting a health care provider, You should find a health care professional that specializes in travel medications. Secondly, make arrangements to visit the doctor of your choosing at least four to six weeks prior to your departure date. In many cases, depending on where you're traveling to, your physician will prescribe medication to be taken over the course of several weeks in order for the prescription to effectively prevent you from contracting diseases during your trip. If you are unable to visit a health physician up to four weeks before you leave, there may still be shots and immunizations that can be administered to you that will help prevent the contraction of diseases while you're abroad. Moreover, consulting a health care professional will leave you better informed about what actions can be taken to minimize risk of and exposure to foreign illnesses.

Are you aware of which types of vaccinations you or those traveling with you may need?

Before you depart on your trip, make sure you are fully informed about health issues pertaining to everyone traveling with you. Members of your travel group may have special health concerns that require additional consultation by a physician in order to properly address their physical condition.


Do you have altered immunocompetence due to illnesses such as diabetes or HIV?

To gain more information covering what precautionary steps should be taken in the event that you or a member of your traveling party has an altered immunocompetence, click on the appropriate link below.


Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

To gain more information covering what precautionary steps should be taken in the event that you or a member of your traveling party is pregnant or breast feeding, click on the appropriate link below.


Are you traveling with infants or children?

Infants and children need special attention and require a stricter set of guidelines to prevent illness and disease from occurring abroad. To learn more about how to protect infants and children in your traveling party, Click on the appropriate link below.


joe stoler
01/05/2011 at 07:46PM
This site was very helpful.The information provided gave me insight on how to adequately prepare for my trip to Central America. Thank you Dr. Jackson and everyone at your office for your online assistance. Sincerely, Joe Stoler

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